Stabilization fund of South-Kazakhstan region
Stabilization fund of South-Kazakhstan region

In 2017, the stabilization fund of JSC "NC" SEC "Shymkent" purchased 6,500 tons of products in the amount of  851.8 million tenge. They are: 3,000 tons of potatoes, 1,000 tons of onions, 1,200 tons of carrots, 30 tons of pasta, 70 tons of rice, 200 tons of meat, 1,000 tons of sugar. Stocks of the stabilization fund were opened in a timely manner in order to keep prices for socially important products. Up to date 672667 kg of these stocks in the amount of 52 293 195 million tenge were sold.

Nowadays, the stabilization fund leases more than 4,000 square meters of storage rooms, where about 2,500 tons of food products are stored. Since 2017, all products of the stabilization fund are purchased through boards of trade with the imposition of obligations to manufacturers on their storage. This mechanism eliminates the risk of products damage. Warehouses of the stabilization fund meet all modern requirements.

In Shymkent, the products of the stabilization fund of the subsidiary company of JSC "NC" SEC "Shymkent" " ОНТҰСТІК АЗЫҚ ТУЛІК КОМПАНИЯСЫ " LLP can be purchased at the following prices: potato - 85 tenge, carrot - 80 tenge, onion - 50 tenge, and beef meat - at 1390 tg / kg.

Products are sold in the following markets and retail networks:


«Аvtonur» market

«Аvtonur» market, at the opposite of the main entrance


  «Zhibek zholy» market

Inside the «Zhibek zholy» market


  «Samal» market

At the opposite of «Samal» market


  «Аlash» market

Near the back entrance of «Аlash»


  «Kyrgy» market

Near the main entrance of «Kyrgy» market


  «Kazybek» market

Inside the «Kazybek»


  «Bars» market

Near the main entrance of «Bars» market


18th micro district

at the opposite of the Eurasia market near the TH  «Galereya»


SEC «Firkan CITY»

Tauke khan av.


Firkan «Plaza»

Al-Farabi square Inside the SEC «Shymkent Plaza»


Firkan «Narodnyi»

Kapal batyr str., 4А


Firkan ехspress

Respublika av., 42


On weekly fairs of Shymkent: near the Assel market (next to Eurasia), on Saturdays near the central stadium Khadji Mukan, on Sundays - near the TH “Rahima Plaza”. The foodstuffs of the stabilization fund are also sold in the districts of the region: Otyrarskiy, Tyulkubasskiy, Sozakskiy and Maktaralskiy.

Also, every week, the employees of the stabilization fund go to the districts of the region to participate in fairs: “Kazakhstan” in Shardarinskiy district, “Juma Bazaar” in Saryagashskiy district, “Shaulder”,

“Koksaray”, “Talapty” in Otyrarskiy district, “Kara Bulak” in Sairamskiy district.